loss to body: the crew

What band of mystery men is behind the illusory machinima team known only as Dr. Quantum and the Quarks? I must know!

Patrick Bakerjian

Serving as our project manager extraordinaire, Patrick hoisted the team upon his back and carried us all the way to victory. No opposing force could stop our momentum. From the heights of Patrick's shoulders, we stood invincible. The air was fresher...crisper. The view took our breathes away. We became creative warriors, ready to take on the world.

But a one trick pony Patrick is not! Despite the burden upon his back, Patrick crafted and puppeteered Dr. Duncan MacDougall, the creator of the 21 grams theory and the unreliable guide for our story's protagonist. How was Patrick able to embody his character so naturally...so convincingly? What similarities do Patrick and Dr. MacDougall share? Perhaps there is more to Patrick than what meets the eye...

Bryant Davey

Bryant was the team's screenplay writer, dialogue coach, and resident animal wrangler. From the tips of his fingers, covered in the grease of some freshly fried bacon, Bryant released his story into the deep wilderness of cyberspace. It was a messy release, like an exploding container of heated yogurt. But the tossed-about pieces took shape and a story was formed. Now that production has finished, Bryant rides off into the night on his trusty zebra in search of wild animals in need of wrangling or bacon in need of frying. Whichever he finds first.

Fouad Hafiz

Master editor, assistant director, keeper of the LED font, puppeteer of human bones, and the voice of the dead, Fouad's contributions brought the machinima and the snappy taxi driver to life. Fouad cut through our digital film like a crazed survivor man with a machete storming through the jungle. No bad shot survived. No awkward transition was spared. No longer are Fouad's dreams haunted by cuts gone wrong. Mr. Bones shined, and all was right with the world once again. They may now live their lives in peace. In their spare time, Fouad and his boney friend can be found enjoying old school jazz albums and Clint Eastwood's western movies.

Kenneth Pratt

Right this very moment in a secret underground laboratory, the elusive technical overlord known to the commoners as Ken Pratt is building a secret weapon designed to turn the world into Pure Awesome. A prototype was tested in the Second Life environment during production, giving birth to the temporally awesome clock room, the curiously awesome anthropologist (appearance, voice, and movements! Oh my!), and the nebulously awesome scale room. Can you possibly get anymore awesome? Why yes, you can! Ken's weapon of mass awesomeness also crafted several awesome camera scripts. Pure Awesome indeed!

Matthew Schroeter

What is Matt Schroeter? Is he an ideal? A way of life? Matt may be another one of life's many mysteries, but as part of the Quarks, his presence was far more concrete. Matt was our fearless director, assistant editor, treasurer, creator and voice of the clock collector, voice of Dr. MacDougall, and aural soul of the piece. Certainly no human being could accomplish the wide range of tasks that Matt tended to. As a team, we were very accepting of our non-human friend, and although some time was lost trying to teach Matt about our human ways, his alien presence was most valuable.

My goodness! Surely there must be several pairs of feet to which I must bow done in front of and thank for supporting the wondrous talent behind Dr. Quantum and the Quarks!

Jeffrey Ventrella

Our appreciation of Jeffrey can only be expressed through this haiku. We call it "Jeffrey's Essence."

Second Life troubles,
Ventrella to the rescue.
Blue frog is content.

Joanna Robinson

Joanna was our generous banker, Second Life wizard, and construction supervisor. Where would we be without her delicious tutorials? We would be beggars on the cyber streets, we imagine, with no place to call home. Thanks to our dear Joanna, that's not the case.

Liam Kelly

Liam's angelic voice was once that of Dr. MacDougall's, but production issues banished the recording to the infinite ether, never to be recovered. The world cries for the lost opportunity to hear Liam's vocal chords vibrating, but we are grateful for his effort.