The Booty Bandit!

Team Booty proudly present: The Booty Bandit, the ball-flinging, booty-grabbing, seat sailing video game created by a small student team.

The Booty Bandit has been nominated for an ELAN Award for Student Video Game of the Year!

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Shoot the Bandit out of his cannon and perform the delicate dance of balancing his flight as he hurtles around the planet. Fly and dodge obstacles while grabbing booty in a 3D world.

Grab as much booty as you can, but stay away from the monstrous pirates that stand in your way! Fly high and low - defy gravity, get points, and win. Land on targets for point multipliers.
  • "It's one perpetual joygasm!" - Seth Marinello
  • "It's Booty that doesn't play hard to get!" - Ryan Nadel
  • "I am part of the team! Tee hee!" - Ken Pratt
  • "It's booty at your fingertips!" - Joey Liu
  • "The Booty Bandit will leave you seeing stars!" - Brian Ford
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay and the game's booty madness!" - Felwa Abukhodair
  • "I am bonkers for the Booty Bandit!" - Eric Hoskin
  • "The game is fun and addictive for hardcore and casual gamers alike" - David Marhal


Created by:

  • Ken Pratt - Lead Programmer
  • David Marhal - Game Designer, Programmer
  • Brian Ford - Lead Artist, Game Design
  • Fouad Hafiz - 3D Modeller
  • May Tang - Artist
  • Christine Jung - Project Manager
  • Luke Johnson - Designer, Programmer
  • Liam Kelly - 3D Modeller
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