Born in Banff to a family of ski bums, I spent my younger years divided between the outdoors and nerdier indoor pursuits like reading and an obsession with Magic: The Gathering. I moved out west after graduating, and have since spent twelve happy years in Vancouver, but will never get used to the decidedly not-white winter.

While paying my way through a B.Sc. in Computer Science at UBC, I picked up a steady stream of contract and co-op employment, learning all I could about web tech. After a few years as a Software Engineer at Electronic Arts, I completed the first year of a Masters degree at the Centre for Digital Media and then jumped ship to work at a start-up, and then another startup, while building an online game with a friend and working on yet another startup.

I’m passionate about pretty much everything related to programming and related tech, but my favorite parts are learning new programming languages and building the core architecture of a project.