• 12 years of experience as a professional software developer.
  • Completed over 20 projects on team sizes from 1 to 40, often laying the technical foundation as the first developer on the project.
  • Skilled in JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby, Rails, Erlang, Go, Rust, Java, PHP, Lisp, HTML, CSS, ØMQ, RabbitMQ, Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Linux.
  • Open source contributor: https://github.com/kenpratt


University of British Columbia

B.Sc.: Major in Computer Science, with co-op/internship program.


May 2010 – Present

Co-Founder – Burger Function Games

Built a collectible online strategy game with over 44,000 games played.

Developed a custom rules engine, a card collection system, and a ranked matchmaking system, using Node.js and a microservices architecture.

Deployed an 8-server production cluster using ØMQ for networking, MongoDB for storage, and Ansible for orchestration.

Mar 2015 – July 2015

Attendee — Recurse Center

Created a distributed key/value store, a programming language interpreter, a real-time online multiplayer game, a BitTorrent client, a JVM bytecode assembler and disassembler, and an audible wireless communication system.

June 2010 – Mar 2015

Senior Software Developer – Ruboss Technology

Technical lead on a team collaboration startup. Built core technology in Node.js, MongoDB, and React. Created a temporal database to support querying and streaming of past application states, and a system for efficient synchronization and updating of client-side cache and state in UI components.

Built Leanpub an e-book publishing platform with thousands of published books. Created storefront, custom Dropbox client, and job queueing system for book generation pipeline. Primarily Ruby on Rails.

May 2009 – Aug 2011

Organizer – Vancouver Erlang Meetup Group

Founded, organized, and regularly presented at a 220-member group on the Erlang programming language, RabbitMQ and related technologies.

Jan 2009 – May 2010

Software Developer – Pug Pharm Productions

Created prototype and beta versions of a social networking game, including a virtual economy with a scarcity model for in-game items.

Developed server using Erlang, Ruby, RabbitMQ, and PostgreSQL, and admin UI using Ruby on Rails. Deployed and managed a 13-server production cluster.

Sept 2006 – Aug 2008

Software Engineer – Electronic Arts

Built a system for persisting player identity and other services across sports games. Handled 2-3 million requests per day at launch.

First engineer on project. Involved in architecture, planning, and development on core engine team. Used Java, Hibernate, Oracle, Ant.

Spearheaded REST architecture, created framework for REST APIs in Java.

Apr 2004 – Sept 2006

Independent Contractor

Electronic Arts

Developed a employee performance review application with LDAP integration and custom reporting UI using Ruby on Rails, Oracle, and MS SQL Server.

Was offered “EA Star” scholarship program due to client satisfaction.

UBC Land and Food Systems Learning Centre
Created an online course/instructor evaluation system using Ruby on Rails.

Parascope Technologies

Developed an application for creating electronic newsletters in Ruby on Rails.

UBC Public Knowledge Project

Created a literacy research application using PHP and MySQL.

Specht & Pryer Barristers & Solicitors

Installed CMS, re-wrote website, trained student to maintain the systems.

Feb 2003 – Aug 2005

Co-op Student (UBC Internships)

Linux Systems Administration — Electronic Arts

Maintained 20+ RedHad Enterprise Linux servers with 10 TB of storage.

Created and deployed a help website and 20+ wikis to over 1000 developers.

Junior Java Developer — WebCT

Developed usability improvements in a Learning Management System, one of the largest Java projects in Canada at the time (close to 1M lines of code).

Courseware Developer — UBC Centre for Instructional Support

Created an open-source peer evaluation application still in use at universities worldwide, with 10,000 downloads. Built a custom MVC framework in PHP.

Assistant Program Manager — Corel Corporation:

Designed XML dialects and developed customizations of Corel XMetaL XML authoring environment using VBScript, CSS, XSLT, JSP, and ASP.

Integrated third-party software into XMetaL to create product demos for pitches to high-profile clients such as Oracle, Boeing, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

June 2003 – Mar 2004

Co-Founder – SIC Systems

Developed a point-of-sale/inventory management system with touch-screen and PDA interfaces, using C++, PHP, and MySQL. Built custom Linux server.


  • 2009 Nominated for Student Game of the Year, Elan Awards
  • 2008 Master of Digital Media Electronic Arts Entrance Scholarship
  • 2006 Electronic Arts Star Scholarship
  • 2002 Rotary Youth Leadership Award
  • 2001 Norman MacKenzie Alumni UBC Entrance Scholarship
  • 2001 Governor General’s Bronze Medallion Award
  • 1999 Encounters with Canada Leadership Program Award