September 2006 – August 2008

EASW in Madden 08


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EA SPORTS World was a brand-new initiative to introduce a persistent identity for gamers across EA SPORTS titles. Version 1.0 was launched in July, 2007 with presence in MADDEN 08, and in FIFA 08 and online on the easportsworld.com website.

Started in summer 2006 by a couple of producers, the EASW team eventually grew to about 40 members and was later rolled into a larger online division.

My Role

As the first Software Engineer to join the project, I played an instrumental role in creating the foundational code that the entire 1.0 release was built on. On the core engine team, I worked with artists, producers and engineers to co-develop the functionality that drove the features visible on the web and in game.

When the question of API architecture arose, I pushed strongly for an approach based on HTTP REST, holding meetings to educate team members on REST-style architectures and compare REST with alternatives such as SOAP.

The engine proved quite a success. At launch, our servers successfully processed 2-3 million requests per day, with only one short period of unscheduled downtime in our core engine in the year following launch.

Key Technologies

  • Java
  • Ant
  • JBoss
  • Oracle
  • XML
  • REST
  • Perforce


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