Loss to Body

September 2008

Title screen

The arms specialist

The doctor

The Assignment

At the beginning of my first term in the Masters of Digital Media program, we were tasked with forming teams and filming a machinima video using Second Life. With no previous Second Life experience, a 3-week timeline, and a budget of 500 linden dollars (~$30), our team of five set to work.

We produced Loss to Body, a surreal tale of a lost soul searching for meaning in a strange world.

My Role

My roles on this project included set designer, character designer, virtual actor, voice actor, and camera animator.

I was responsible for the creation, acting, and voice work for the main character in the film, building the clock room from scratch (with purchased clocks), and developing custom crane shot camera scripts.

Key Technologies

  • Second Life
  • Linden Scripting Language (LSL)
  • Screen Capture (Snapz/Frapz)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro


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