October 2007

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Firefox integration

The Need

As an avid web user, I found myself with an unmet need in my web browsing experience. Often, I would stumble across or be sent a link to an interesting page or video, but due to time constraints, was unable to enjoy it right then. I didn’t necessarily want to bookmark these pages, so often resorted to sending emails to myself filled with links.

A Stack

To fill that need, I developed PushPop, a free, open-source web service. After signing up, you can use either use the PushPop website to save pages, or use the handy Firefox buttons to “push” (save) and “pop” (retrieve) pages to and from your “stack” (list of saved pages).

Firefox communicates with PushPop over a simple JSON REST API that is open to extension by third parties.

Key Technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • JSON
  • Firefox
  • XUL
  • SQLite


Download PushPop source code