The Booty Bandit

October 2008 – November 2008

Title screen



The Game

The Booty Bandit is a 3D real-time game in which you launch the Bandit out of a cannon and control him as he flies through the air, while attempting to collect stars, avoid billboards, and ultimately land on a target.

The Booty Bandit was the midterm project in my first term of the Masters of Digital Media program, and included approximately three weeks of production time. It was nominated for Best Student Game of the Year at the 2009 Elan Awards.

My Role

As technical lead on the eight-person Booty Bandit team, I developed the 3D game platform, including 3D model loading, texture mapping, collision detection, HUD support, and keyboard controls. I also assisted the artists, 3D modelers, and level designers in integrating all of the assets into the game.

I mentored a team member on Java programming, who proceeded to create most of the UI messages, audio triggers, and game mode-specific behaviour.

In addition, I packaged the game into Java WebStart, Windows executable, and Mac executable versions.

Key Technologies

  • Java
  • OpenGL
  • Apache Ant
  • Photoshop
  • Maya & Max
  • Subversion


The Booty Bandit website (contains downloads)